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How do i know that the watch purchased from Art Of Time is authentic?

Art Of Time sources its watches directly from the manufacturers with original packaging, manuals, warranty cards and serial number identification. Every watch carried by Art Of Time is 100% verified new, original and authentic.

What is the difference between Quartz, Mechanical and Automatic movements?

Quartz Watches
Rather than a wound spring (mechanical movement), quartz watches rely on a battery for their energy. Since the early 1970’s, quartz watches have become very popular, for both manufacturer and consumers, due to the fact that quartz watches are less expensive than mechanical movement watches.

Mechanical Movements
If a watch is said to have mechanical movement, this means that the watch has a device for keeping time, which uses the energy from a wound spring, and keeps time through the highly regulated release of that energy through a set of gears and an escapement. This device must be wound periodically, ensuring that the wound spring is continually loaded to power the watch.

Automatic Movements
Watches that are powered by automatic movements operate similar to a watch with mechanical movements, except that the winding of the spring occurs automatically, every time the wearer moves his or her arm. A rotor that turns in response to motion winds the watch’s mainspring, supplying the needed energy to power the watch.

How long will the battery in my watch last?

This depends on the age of the watch and the types of functions (e.g., stopwatch, chronograph applications, alarms, second hand, etc.). Expect to replace your watch battery every one to one and a half years.

What is a crystal ?

A watch crystal is a transparent glass which protects the watch dial, it is mostly used by Swiss manufacturers. Most of the watches produced by luxury Swiss brands use sapphire as it is tough and scratch resistant to a great extent.

What does water resistant mean ?

A watch marked as water resistant without a depth indication is designed to withstand accidental splashes of water only. Do not submerge such a watch. Higher levels of water resistance are indicated by increasingly higher acceptable depths, usually indicated in meters. There are a variety of ways to make a watch water resistant. All such watches use rubber gaskets or “O” rings to seal the case back. A watch with a back that screws onto the case provides a higher degree of water resistance. Some crowns (the “winding stem”) actually screw into the case to further increase water resistance.

How do i know that the watch purchased from Art Of Time is authentic?

Art Of Time sources its watches directly from the manufacturers with original packaging, manuals, warranty cards and serial number identification. Every watch carried by Art Of Time is 100% verified new, original and authentic.

What is a bezel ?

Usually made of metal, the bezel is a ring around the crystal on the top portion of a watch that holds the glass or crystal in place.


Guarantee of Authenticity at Art Of Time:
Art Of Time warrants all of our products to be brand new, 100% genuine and free of defects. All products we sell are sourced directly from the manufacturers with original packaging, care manuals, serial number identification and warranty cards, where applicable.

All the brands that we sell carry an international warranty of two years. Brand warranty generally covers the functioning of the watch. The warranty does not cover the watch case, bracelet, straps, crown/stem, crystal/glass, finishes, damage caused by excessive wear-and-tear, and/or accidental or intentional misuse or abuse or damage resulting from exceeding the limitations of the water resistance of the watch

What is the best way to clean my watch ?

The best way to clean your watch is by using a lint-free cloth. Use the toothpick to clean out any dirt buildup in the bracelet or casing of the watch and the cloth to wipe it clean. If it is water-resistant, give it an occasional cleaning with a mixture of warm water and a mild soap. If the strap is leather or non-metal, clean only the case. For a proper polishing of the case, we recommend taking the watch to an authorised service centre of the brand.

How do i care for my water resistant watch ?

a) It is not recommended to wear your water resistant watch in a hot shower, sauna or hot tub. The extreme heat causes the metal parts to expand and can create small openings that can allow water droplets to penetrate the watch. Sudden temperature changes are especially harsh. Take care not to jump into a cold pool after wearing your watch in the hot tub.
b) After swimming or diving in salt water, immediately rinse the watch in a stream of fresh water. If your watch has a rotating bezel, turn the bezel several times while rinsing it. This will prevent salt buildup and corrosion of the bezel ring.
c) Leather straps can be made to be water resistant. Generally however, leather straps are more easily damaged by frequent exposure to water. If you would like to wear your watch while swimming – think of buying one with a metal bracelet or a rubber or nylon diver strap.

What is a gasket?

In every watch, there are several gaskets: a back gasket, a crystal gasket, a bezel gasket, and a crown gasket to name just a few. These watch gaskets are made of specialty rubber or neoprene, and sometimes from plastic for crystals. Watches have gaskets because they protect your watch from things like dust, water, perfume, oils, dirt, and other residues that wristwatches are exposed to.

What is the difference between a chronograph and a chronometer?

A chronograph is a watch that has a stopwatch function. Typically, the top pusher will start and stop the chronograph. The bottom pusher will reset it.

The Chronometer on the other hand, is a special certification test that is usually accorded to chronographs after they have been subjected to a series of rigorous tests. It is accorded by a Swiss agency, METAS. All chronographs are not chronometer certified.

If a watch is described simply as a “chrono”, it is generally safe to assume it is a chronograph.

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1. All Major Credit and Debit Cards are accepted at Art of Time India
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